Sweet Treats

Treat yourself to a sinfully delicious sweet treat from the pastry bar and make Mid-East your latest sweet crush. Sample Middle-Eastern, French or honey pastries and let your heart melt away.

Sitto's Pastries

  • Awame (Crisp Doughnut Balls)

  • Cookie in Custard

  • Coconut Cookies

  • Erban (Sweet Bread)

  • Ghraybeh (Butter Cookies)

  • Jam - Apricot, Carrot, Fig

  • Jello

  • Kaak (Shortbread Cookies)

  • Lebanese Macaroons

  • Meghli (Lebanese Rice Pudding)

  • Namoura (Semolina Cake)

  • Rice Pudding

  • Sambousik (Nut Filled Pastries)

  • Sitto's Cakes - Banana, Carrot, Fruit, Sfouf

  • Zalabia (Sweet Fritters)

  • Znoud El Sit (Cream Pastry Rolls)

Pastry Bar

Cookies & Candy 

  • ​Maamoul (Semolina Shortbread)

    • Walnut, Pistachio or Dates​

  • Petit Four (Cookie)

  • Baklava (Fillo Pastry)

  • Variety of Cakes and French Pastries

  • Knefe Jibn (Sweet Cheese Pastry)

  • Chocolate covered Dates, Peanuts, Almonds,  Seeds, Coffee, Pretzels, Raisins

  • Chocolate Spreads

  • Wafers

  • Tea Biscuits

  • Assorted Specialty Candy


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