Olives & Pickles

Whether you enjoy olives as a flavorful topping, a tasty "digestif" or a palate cleanser, make olives part of your every meal. Choose from a wide variety of Mediterranean and traditional olives: green or black, small or large, regular or spicy.

Green Olives
Olive Appetizer
Black Olives
Olive Bar
Pickled Turnips
Marinated Olives
  • Lebanese Green Olives

  • Mediterranean Olive Mix

  • Mid-East Brand Special Olives

  • Moroccan Dry Olives

  • Napoleon Olives Green Large

  • Kalamata Extra Jumbo

  • Kalamata Extra Large

  • Kalamata Giant

  • Kalamata Jumbo

  • Kalamata Large

  • Kalamata Superior

  • Green Colossal Olives Cracked

  • Green Olives Sliced w/ Spice

  • Pitted Kalamata Olives

  • Super Colossal Olives Black


  • Gherkins Pickled

  • Ginger Pickled

  • Mango Pickled

  • Mixed Pickles (Sweet or Spicy)

  • Mixed Vegetables Pickled

  • Okra in Brine

  • Onions Sweet Pickled

  • Onions Peeled Pickled

  • Pepperoncini Peppers Greek

  •  Pickled Peppers (variety of different types)

  • Shallot Pickled

  • Sundried Tomatoes in Oil

  • Thyme Pickled

  • Turnips PIckled

  • Wild Cucumber Pickled

  • Avjar Hot

  • Avjar Mild

  • Almonds Pickles

  • Cabbage Red Salad

  • Chilli Hot Pickled

  • Cucumber Pickled

  • Eggplant Stuffed

  • Eggplant in Oil

  • Eggplant Roasted

  • Eggplant Pickled

  • Garden Mix

  • Garlic Cloves

  • Garlic Marinated

  • Garlic Pickled

  • Garlic Peeled in Brine



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