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A Dairy Bar You Can’t Ignore

Bragging rights? We’ve earned them thanks to our Mid-East dairy bar!

We hate to get cheesy on you but our Mid-East Foods dairy bar rocks. In fact, it’s one of Ottawa’s hidden treasures. The selection of cheeses available to you is next to none, with white cheeses being the most prominent.

Not familiar with white cheese? White cheese is often made with a mixture of cow and sheep milk. It could also consist of one or other. It is semi firm – somewhere between the soft brie and the hard Gouda. And the taste is anywhere between mild to strong. You get your pick. In this post, we would like to introduce you to our most popular cheeses of the Mediterranean: Lebanese baladi cheese, Greek feta cheese and Cypriot halloumi cheese.

Nutritional Values

As with any post we put up about food, we always like to lay out the health or nutritional values. The 3 types of cheese we are featuring are all relatively healthy, as you can see in the Nutritional Facts table.

Nutritional Facts


So, not bad at all! Well, except for the sodium. All 3 types are actually kept in salt water so that they last longer in your fridge. But here’s a tip! You can actually rinse off some of the salt off the block or piece of cheese you plan to eat by running it under cold water. This is true for all 3 types. Let them strain for a couple of minutes or pat them dry with a paper towel and enjoy.

Mediterranean cheese delight

Hey cheese lovers, are you ready to take your cheese adventure to the next level? Here are a few of our tips that you’ll want to thank us for later.

Baladi cheese