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Ring in 2021 the Mediterranean Style

Eat healthy. Share meals. Live longer.

Mediterranean cuisine is not only good for you but it’s also rated as the #1 healthiest food by many sources like Health US News, Spices Inc., And honestly, it’s not just a 2021 buzz! In a January 3, 2018 article the National Public Radio, Inc. states that, for the first time this year, a panel of experts convened annually by U.S. News & World Report has ranked the Mediterranean Diet as No. 1 in its Best Overall Diet

And while health organizations focus on the health aspects of the Mediterranean cuisine, our focus at Mid-East Foods is to make wide variety of Lebanese and other Mediterranean foods accessible, affordable and available so that you can fit into your own lifestyle.

Eat healthy

Let’s get rid of our bad habits. I hate saying it out-loud, but research shows that a typical American diet is bad for you, which of course has a high influence on what we consume in Canada. Obesity in Canada has been on the rise. When we regularly eat fried foods, refined flours and sugars, animal products induced with hormones and antibiotics, sweeteners, and artificial additives, we become highly prone to chronic conditions like joint pain, and more serious diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases.

It’s time we eat well and eat healthy. “The essentials steps are to eat mostly foods derived from plants” (Berkeley Wellness). We need to eat more fish for Omega 3 vitamins, use oil instead of saturated fat from butter and margarine, consume dairy and red meat moderately, enjoy more fresh whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and have healthy vegetarian proteins from beans and nuts. This type of healthy eating comprises the Mediterranean diet. So we’re not here to talk about a meal plan or caloric intake. That’s between you and your physician. Our focus is on eating foods that are good for you all while savoring every meal, every snack and every bite the Mediterranean way.

Share meals

A great big part of the Mediterranean experience is not just the food we eat but who’s at the table with us when we are eating. Sharing our meals is part of life’s joy, which explains the popular mezza spread we put out at dinner parties. As for your daily meals, those mezza dishes serve as great snacks and meal sides and keep well in the fridge for the entire week. Of course not every day is a dinner party but sharing your daily meals with friends and family adds not only a little fun but little health according to experts.

Live Longer

With the abundance of research and the accessibility of information, we pretty much know what we should and shouldn’t eat. The struggle is usually with being able to stick to it. The thing is, it doesn’t have to take up a lot of our time. And we get that. This is why we try to make healthy foods and ingredients convenient so that you can make it sustainable.

When you eat foods filled with disease fighting nutrients, replace saturated fat with olive oil, reduce sugar, and enjoy a wide variety of foods where you eat more of the natural, whole foods and enjoy dairy and red meats in moderation, you not only love what you eat but your body will love you for it as well. The Mediterranean diet has been around for centuries and calling it a diet seems unjust because it’s truly a way of life. Make it part of yours.


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