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Give Your Legs a Little Love

There’s a great big elephant in the room, right? Why is Mid-East Foods talking about legs and love? Well, we wanted to give the ladies a little something for Valentines. Mid-East is not all about groceries; we carry a wide range of houseware and beauty products imported from the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Ok, ladies, let’s get real.

Hair removal is an annoyance. It takes time; it’s costly; and it’s painful. It can also be an inconvenience. Don't fall for any claims that tell you otherwise. Shaving is as close as you can get to pain-free but not a lasting solution. And is it really pain-free? It can leave you with cuts and scabs, and skin that’s too irritated to have the razor run over it again a couple of days later. Pain and no gain is not the way to go.

If it’s going to hurt or in the least annoy us, how can we make smooth skin last longer? Learn about the different hair removal options to figure out what works best for you or take a short-cut with us to learn about something that really works. If you’re willing to trade off a monthly visit to the spa for a private do-it-yourself option (think of the money you’ll save), then natural sugar waxing is for you.

Why You will Love Natural Products

We’re a 100 per cent behind natural hair removal products, also known as sugar waxing and we think you will love them too. Here’s why:

- Natural products mean products free of toxic ingredients.

- Non-toxic ingredients are kind to your skin.

- You can use it on any body part, not just your legs.

- It’s cheaper than other alternatives.

- It keeps your legs hair free longer than shaving.

- It is used at room temperature and so doesn’t require heating.

- It does require any strips or other gear.

This natural, cost-efficient, do-it-yourself option allows you the flexibility to take care of your legs privately and at your own convenience. You could even carry it with you on your extended vacation.

Drawbacks You Should Know About

On the flip side, some drawbacks come along with sugar waxing:

- It is painful.

- It can irritate sensitive skin.

- You need to learn the technique.

We mentioned earlier that a pain-free hair removal methods. Paste-based waxing is no exception. To lessen the pain, grab a quick shower beforehand to help open up the pores and then wait a bit to make sure your skin has completely dried off.

As with any product that you use on your skin like face creams and such, sugar waxing may cause some skin irritation. Make sure you use it on a small test area before you spread it on.

Sugar waxing is a learning process. It might take you a couple of tries before you get it right. There’s no shortage of tips and how-to’s that offer you help.

Educate yourself, test an area, and then practice. Once you get it right, you won’t want to go with any other method.


You can a number of sugar waxing brands on the Mid-East Foods shelves. The most common brands are Mim and Chamsa, both of which are commonly used in the Middle-East.

Try them out and let us know what you think.


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